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Gardening from scratch!!!

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Gardening from scratch!!!

Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:27 am

Hey fellas,
I love doing stuff in the garden in the garden. I just moved into a new neighborhood. It is a quiet and good place. We were lucky to get a place there, that too pretty cheap. Probably because the house we got on lease is old and rusty, hence we have a lot of reno job to do. I love gardening and maintaining my lawn. Here, it seems that I will have to start from scratch. It is pretty much messed with all weeds and wild plants. Come this new year I want to have a new lawn.
I have to clear up the front yard. I am working with shovels and mowers. I have rented a mini bin to put away all the waste. I have bought some fertilizers for the veggies. I am planning to have tulips, calendula, chrysanthemums, and roses in the front yard. And I like to grow some carrots, beetroots, in my backyard. What would be the ideal fertilizers for this, especially in this climate? Feel free to put in your suggestions. Any help would be appreciated.

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