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heating issues

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heating issues

Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:25 pm

Hi All,

We had our install guy do a compressor swap on a 20-ton unit. He changed a 10-ton Danfoss scroll and recharged the system with 421a. That was Friday. Today the new compressor was locked up but the old twin was still chugging. Same circuit. The industrial heating service team determined he had run it in reverse and that caused the problem. I was with him when he diagnosed it. All we really know is that it's locked up because it was locked up. But the install guy couldn't give amp draws etc so he was at fault and must have screwed it up. One thing I can say is it was wired exactly like it's a twin and the one that it replaced. So unless they switched up the windings on this exact duplicate compressor it should have been in phase.

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