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Is metal fences good to protect the garden..!!

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Is metal fences good to protect the garden..!!

Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:09 am

Hey guys,
I have been facing trouble with some critters in my garden. I failed to identify what is creating this trouble in my yard. I love gardening, and I used to maintain it well. But, everything got messed up with the attack of these wild creatures. Some mornings, I woke up to see these messed up the garden with destroyed plants, dug holes and all. It is disheartening to see my garden in such a worse condition. However, I planning to bring it back to its original state. One of my friends suggested protecting the garden with fine forged metal fence. He said that many forging manufactures provide metal fences for residential and commercial purposes. I found that pretty good. However, I would like to hear from you before making a final decision. Do metal fences help to prevent the entry of critters? How do you keeping these wild creatures out from your garden? Please share your thoughts and suggestions on this. It would be a great help to me.

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