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Is this chilli ripe?

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Is this chill ripe?

Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:28 pm

Is this chilli ripe, it's suppose to be orange jalapeño but I don't seen them changing colour any time soon. Any thoughts?

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Re: Is this chill ripe?

Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:42 pm

It's a good question, and it kind of comes down to preferences.. You can eat most Chillis at any stage. (Many Jalapeños that we buy and eat are actually green). The best way would be to experiment and learn how you prefer them. The green Chillis can be slightly bitter but really red/ripe Chillis sometimes looses some of the heat - so when to harvest depend on what you want.

I try to experiment and harvest in different stages. I sometimes pick the first Chillis quite early when they are still green (I believe that it makes the Plant produce more Chillis..) Green Jalapeño is good to eat, and also good if you want to make Pickled Jalapeños. If I want to save seeds for next year, I however let the first Chilli grow until it is really ripe and has the "final color" and save the seeds from that fruit.

What have the weather been like? My experience is that Chillis usually need some warm and sunny days to turn into their final color. If it's an orange Jalapeño it should shift color into a brighter orange color. The color shifting starts from the tip, and then the color changes over the next few days. If you want to see it orange, wait a few more days.

We had about 2 weeks of great sunny weather and my Jalapeños are finally starting to turn red. :-) This is how they look today:

And this is my Hungarian Hot Wax today:



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