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Growing tomatoes at an angle on a trellis?

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Growing tomatoes at an angle on a trellis?

Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:53 pm

So I was watching how people single stem tomatoes up a string in green houses. They look huge. The videos I watched said tomato plants in the little tomato cages never grow that big because once the weight of growing vertical becomes too great for the plant, that it stops growing. So I was thinking. Growing up a string would still provide a central force down on the stem. What if you single stemmed a plant but angled a trellis at like 60 degrees and trained the plant to grow up the trellis. That seems like it would allow for less stress on the base, all while keeping the plant up off the dirt, stop fungal splash back on the leaves.

I am planning a U raised bed and was thinking about how to try this out. If it worms I could also plant some lettuce underneath the trellis because with the partial sun and it being cooler under the trellis, that it would be optimal for the lettuce and eliminate dead space that the trellis would create.

Any thoughts on if this has been done or why it won't work well?

**the picture is not mine, it's what I'm going to design my raised bed to loom like.**

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Re: Growing tomatoes at an angle on a trellis?

Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:27 am

How about the size of the tomatoes? When I grew it, the tomatoes where of very small size. Is didn't add any fertilizers. Is it because of that tomatoes went small in size?
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