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Drip irrigation insanity

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Drip irrigation insanity

Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:57 pm

So I'm trying to design a irrigation system for my garden thi spring. My garden will be 25' x 10'= 250 sqr ft. I would like to stick to soaker hoses. I get 500gph from the spigot. Ive read so much about designing that it seems that most websites contradict each other. right when I think I have it figured out another variable is thrown out there. My plan was to use 1/2" tubing, then a website said to use 3/4". One site said it would be fine to run everything on 1 zone but another said 2 zones would be best too reach the furthest point of the garden. So my question is what size would be best to use as my main line? And should I split my garden into 2 zones?

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Re: Drip irrigation insanity

Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:46 pm

I have two zones fed from the same spigot:

1.) 100 m drip hose (about 330 ft) and I believe it's 1/2". It's the type that you can use both below and above ground. This zone is connected to a watering timer/computer.

2.) Greenhouse watering system (another type of drip watering). And a separate hose for hand watering connected here aswell.

This setup is working perfectly for me. Added the second zone last season.

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